Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Twiva Work?

Twiva helps businesses market and sell products through social media influencers.

Once a business has listed its products on the platform, we match them to thousands of strategic nano and micro-influencers.

The influencers list the products on their Twiva online shops and they are automatically pushed to all their social media shops on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok and Twitter.

An influencer makes a commission every time they sell a product and the business gets a notification a product has been sold.

Who Can Join Twiva?
  • Anyone with a social media presence (for influencers at least 100 followers on any platform)
  • Any business with a social media presence
  • Anyone looking to make an income selling on social media
  • Anyone looking to promote products or services through social media
How do I register as a Business on Twiva?

Step 1: Log on to or simply download the TWIVA app on Google Playstore.

Step 2: Click on “I’m a Business” and register

Step 3: Start uploading your products

Watch this video: How to register and list products as a business on Twiva

How do I sign up as an influencer on Twiva?

Step 1: Log on to or simply download the TWIVA app on Google Playstore

Step 2: Click on “I’m an Influencer” and register

Step 3: Set up your Twiva Shop

Step 4: Connect your social media pages

Watch this video: How to sign up as an influencer and set up your Twiva Shop

How Do Influencers Earn On The Platform?

Commissions: Influencers earn on Twiva by making a commission each time they sell a product. Commissions range between 5-10% depending on the value of the product. On average, an influencer makes KES 17,000 per month.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Influencers earn from brand collaborations. Influencers expose their rate cards to businesses. Businesses create campaign briefs, select the influencers they want to work with, set their fee, stipulate the objectives and goals, and timelines of the campaign.

Referral Program: Influencers earn every time they refer someone to the platform.

Is The Platform Free For Everyone?

Yes, it is free to register on Twiva for both influencers and businesses.

Do You Do Delivery?

No. Twiva does not offer delivery services. For now, our businesses/merchants cater for the delivery. However, Twiva will be offering country-wide deliveries starting August 2022.